Holy crap

I’m almost done. It’s Monday, and I’m almost done with the tenth story I’m putting out. I’ve even set myself up so that everything will be fairly quick to accomplish once the title and cover are decided.

You guys. I can’t wait. I cannot wait.

I wanted to do this. And I’m almost done with it. The soulmates story is right around the corner. I have updated print covers for my Almost Human books. They. Look. Gorgeous. If I didn’t love book 2 enough before, I adore it now.

And then, I can slow down again. I can go back to work on the How to Think Sideways writing course I started this month. I can go back to Rebecca and Nikki. I can go back to Matt and Kat.

I may just take the rest of the week off after the soulmates story is out, though. I’m tired, and for all my enthusiasm about the worlds I’m going to play in now, I gotta rest. I have to take it easy. It’s time to actually paint with Bob Ross, instead of just marveling at how simple his techniques are, despite the obvious skill of his paintings.

Time for some mindlessness. Bachelorette, anyone?

Moving right along

My news friends have their links to the new Almost Human book, the others are being published as we speak, and I have ONE LEFT before I’m all set with publishing things this year.

This is exhausting. It’s exhilarating. I’m glad I made this choice. I’m really glad I don’t have to pace myself like this again.

Here’s to meeting impossible deadlines, and to 80 hour work weeks.

Upgrading, at last.

The Almost Human series is getting a new face.

First of all, here’s the new cover for book 1:

Cover-Art-Dummy-Left-Top-Focus-1500x2400 with guides d1 title 2 sketch 3 small merged

Here’s the face of the short (previously Night Shift):

Cover-Art-Dummy-Left-Top-Focus-1500x2400 with guides d1-5 title 1 sketch 3 merged

I’ll be showing my news friends the face of the next book in the series tomorrow.

It’s almost the end of what’s been a very, very long two weeks.

PS — Here’s the historical romance:

Cover-Art-Dummy-Left-Top-Focus-1500x2400 with guides historical title 1 sketch 1 small merged

I can’t wait for my news friends to read these.

five collections clmannarino twitter header

Real work begins

Finally back, finally home, finally in the final stretch of publishing the last of the ten books I wanted to get out this year. Looks like the village of wily people is now called Once Upon a Spell, and the family of witches is called Runs in the Family. And remember that woman who wanted a romance? Her story is now called After All This Time.

And Almost Human book 2? Is now called Bloody Mercy.

It’s all coming out fast. Hopefully by the end of next week, I’ll be done with all but one. I have a soulmates story I have to edit tomorrow, and then that’ll cap off the ten I want to put out into the world.

And then, I start my new job. (thank you thank you thank you, Universe.) Welcome to Crazy Town, and enjoy your stay!

But also, stay tuned. I’m planning to bundle the five short collections for my news friends, so if you’re not signed up and want to be, now’s a good time. They’re getting first shot at reading Bloody Mercy, too.

Slowly but surely

Finally got another collection up. (That makes three now: Hiding in the Corners; Love, Lust, and Pixie Dust; and In Deep Waters.)

Working on getting the next three projects finalized, and then onto the site. Book 2 of the Almost Human series is taking longer than I’d like, but that’s what I get for having expectations about cover art. So I’ll do the other two collections first — one’s about a family of witches, and the other is a bunch of wily villagers. They’re getting their day!

And one last story is set in 1910, which I think I said before. I can’t wait to put that one up. It’s so cute. 🙂

Early Start

Means I got my witches talking, and I can work with some familiar faces again. There’s a couple in a story I’m calling Soulmates who’re scared to death that they’re…well, not soulmates. In their world, it’s a big deal to not be, especially if you’ve got a spouse. They’re taking a trip to figure it out, so I’m gonna see where it takes them.

Oh, and what do you do when a deer walks into your garden? You take pictures, of course. And then get as close as you dare without getting hurt. And then marvel as it leaps away into the jungle of your backyard.

Literally, they’re like elves. I want to live in such harmony, and such majesty, with the forest. There’s something so graceful about slipping between the leaves, and disappearing from sight.

It gives me ideas…


Accomplished, but overheating

That young woman who wanted her romance written? Oh, she got it. Over 5,000 words of it. And now, I’m sweating like a pig from being cooped up in my room all day working on it. What’s the humidity at–90 percent? I’ve never sweated so much just sitting still.

Or maybe, just maybe, all those romance sparks had something to do with it. Nothing like discreet hand-holding and sultry glances over a table filled with strict chaperones to make you want to do something naughty. Or, you know, make you feel oppressed.

Like this humidity.

Anyway, she’s said her piece, and my god, did she earn her ending. May I never go through what she just did. I’m interested to hear what my history-buff friend thinks of it. Then, I’ll be sharing it with the world.

Now to find a cold, shady spot to relax in.


A young woman named Helen from 1910s MA walked up to me a few days ago and asked me to finally tell her story — one about romances, and doctors, and broken hearts, and plenty of small-town gossip.

I admit, I’ve been putting it off because I didn’t know how long it would be. The idea of starting another long narrative is daunting, but she doesn’t talk that way. She’s distant when she tells her story. It’s like a diary.

I’m hoping it’s all accurate, though. I have the barest hint of research on this time period. A curveball might either turn her story around, or push it up a few dozen years. I’m just glad I have history buffs for friends.

That feels better.

I took the briefest detour from cataloguing the multitude of voices in that village of wily people to revisit Nikki and Rebecca some more, and let me just tell you: I feel so much better.

I love Northam. I love Atlantis. I love having a place to come back to at the very start of the day, knowing where it’s going to take me, and who I’m going to see. Not gonna lie, it helps that I modeled both towns after my own hometown. And while nothing of true interest happens in my hometown, boring is better. It means there’s room for someone (like me) to go looking for secrets.

Northam and Atlantis have plenty of those. But right now, it’s the familiar I’m seeking out. Nikki and Rebecca have been with me for literal years, and with all the other voices crowding my mind, it can feel like I’ve stepped into uncharted territory. So talking to them, listening to their troubles, feels like coming home after a week away.

It just sucks that, right now, there’s a rift between them. I want them both to make it out of this still talking.


Using The Girl of Fire and Thorns to motivate me to work on the love affair story. It’s such a good book. Normally I’d be fine spending time with my characters, but… Man, it’s tough. I can’t pull my attention away long enough to work. 

I’ll finish the affair story, and then read. That should be pretty good, especially since I have so much to do.