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This Confounding Age Bracket

“I thought you were older than you are,” the doctor told me while I sat perched on the paper-lined bed. She leaned back in her chair as she said it, crossing her arms with a studious look on her time-wizened face. I thought she seemed confused, as if all of her upcoming questions had shifted under…

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Sylvia Plath reads “Daddy”

Yes, I’m late to the party. Better late than never! In honor of National Poetry Month, I’m sharing my favorite poem by Sylvia Plath. I read this two or three times in college for campus-based Open Mic nights and I still adore Plath’s voice in this recording. For those who want the poem itself,…

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The Long and Short of It

“I want to get my hair cut,” I told my mother and Big H almost two months ago. I tugged on the rag-tag ends of my hair where it brushed my shoulders. “Don’t,” Big H said almost immediately. “Right now, your hair is perfect for your face. It frames it. I don’t like it when you…

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Yorkshire Accent

I didn’t know what a Yorkshire accent sounded like, and now I do, but she’s also wicked entertaining, so I thought I’d share. :) Enjoy!

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Symphony of Science — We Are All Connected

I was pursuing the Symphony of Science website and the first song I thought of was this one. It’s probably my favorite song they’ve created because it talks a lot about the kinds of things that get mentioned in one of my favorite shows, Doctor Who, so I wanted to share. (Also, I think Carl…