theroadtohell cover2 clmannarino

In the sleepy town of Northam, Massachusetts, not everyone is who they seem to be.

Take Scott Whitney, for example. An underrated high school senior, Scott wants nothing more than to have his much-divided family believe him when he comes to them with something important, no matter how often he disregards their rules.

One night, Scott catches his father’s beautiful colleague, Maria, drinking his father’s blood in their office parking lot. When his father has no recollection of this event, and gets weaker the more he spends time with Maria, Scott turns to his mother and sister for help.

It’s not until he does some research on his own, though, that he figures out what’s going on—and how hard it will be to get someone to believe him if he tells.

Isolated by what he knows, Scott must stop Maria from draining his father of blood before she kills him, or worse:

turns his father into a vampire, too.

Read the first three chapters here.

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