March Sun*

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All rights reserved.

There is something very vulnerable about a newly risen sun, all orange and gold and pink at the edges. “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight; red sky by morning, sailors take warning.” But there is no warning now, not with the edges of your grip reaching for the tops of the trees and houses, sending the fog and the low-hanging mist sparkling over grasses that look like straws, all of the color sucked out of them by the cold.

March is a difficult time, but today, at least, the sun is kind.

*I’m going to post two super short stories today because they’re both, well, super short! 🙂

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  • Love this one too!!! I was also considering just sometimes throwing up a paragraph or two… writing is writing, and it’s good to get something up there! This was marvelous and gorgeous, well done!

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