Running Off to the Circus

Copyright © 2013 C.L. Mannarino
All rights reserved.


Dear Mom,

I’m running off to the circus

Because they’ll let me be wild and free.

They’ll let me jump on the couches,

They’ll let me watch tons of TV.

I’m running off to the circus,

Where my talents will be met with applause

I can spit wads of gum into the air

And burp the alphabet until my stomach is as angry as the show lion’s claws.

I’m running off to the circus,

So please don’t don’t miss me too much.

I’ll write to you whenever I can

And I’ll try not to misspell my words and such.

I’m running off to the circus,

But it’s getting a little dark and I’m scared.

So I’m really glad that I can see dad’s car turning the corner

Because I forgot my extra pair of underwear.



Prompt: picture, from writeworld


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