One-Sided Conversation

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Dear Clare,

They were wrong, those girls who spoke to you about liking Brett. He’s a nice man. Don’t feel bad about that. Those girls? They need to grow up. We’re not in middle school anymore.

I’m going to talk to coach about this later. I think it’s important. I don’t want them teasing you about stuff like this anymore. You know who your friends are—don’t let them bully you into believing everybody else on the team is bad. You know why they’re upset? They’re on the swim team. No one likes our swim team. They don’t even like themselves.

Next year, you’re joining track. We start off easy. You’ll like it, I promise. You can swim during the summer. It’s not worth it if these boobs are giving you hell all the time.

It’s going to change, I promise. It pisses me off that they’re getting away with this. Maybe we can figure something out.

Trust me. I’m going to get help.

Your best,



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  • I am intrigued by these two… you said they are from your novel Dusk? Always enjoy these little shorts, even if I don’t get to comment every time. The little bits and pieces make me want to know their whole story! 😉

    • Thank you! 😀 They’re actually just characters I made up for the blog. I wanted to have some people I could use on here specifically so that I could keep my book characters somewhat private until I get an editor/publisher. But that’s just me! 🙂 I love your snippets as well! It’s fascinating to see what’s going on with your work. 🙂

      • Oooooh! That makes total sense! I find that I usually like the stuff I post on the blog so much I want to be able to submit it! 😛 So maybe I need to do what you do and make up some people specifically for the blog, or like an on-going story or something… hrm, that’s an idea…. !!! I know you have to be careful about novel excerpts, they can’t add up to a certain amount of the book or you get into problems with first publishing rights and all that jazz, but mine will end up being long enough I think I’m okay so far just doing what I’m doing at least a few more times. Heheh.

        • I’ve definitely been wary about the first publishing rights. That kind of thing always worries me whenever I post original fiction online somewhere. For the Clare and Shay stories, I’m sorry to say that I don’t put too much thought into them. Their story lines are something I keep loose track of in my head and try to write short pieces based on what I know about each of them as they grow up. They’re good, reliable characters that I can write about without too many problems. 🙂

          Regardless, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your pieces! I think making teasers available is a great way to gain interest. It’s something I’ve wanted to try myself, but I can’t wait to see if you decide to develop new characters for the blog or simply continue posting excerpts. Both of which sound like excellent ideas. 🙂

  • Haha… well for not putting much thought into them, they still come off as well-thought-out and well-rounded! 😉 I’m glad you have liked my own little pieces I’ve put up… I agree teasers are good for generating interest, which is the main reason I put them up! Hugh Howey, the madly popular self-pubbed author, says that’s a large reason why he’s sold so many copies of his stories… he releases a chapter, sometimes several chapters, for free first, and then the entire work for a few bucks. So people are more inclined to give it a try cuz it’s free, then they get hooked and can’t help but buy it! Lol. Brilliant plan, if you ask me!!!

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