Found Poem, Update, and a Review

So I’m feeling particularly lazy this week and have decided to foray into Found Poetry. (This is a nod to both my writer friend JR Frontera, as well as my high school English teacher.) This was found using the titles of teen books.

the fifth wave,

gorgeous invisibility,
is a legend novel of
eleanor’s delirium,
a tragedy paper written
out of the easy
and into
for just one day,
an unremembered paper valentine.


As of last Sunday, I’ve finished the rewrites of Dusk. I now have two books on my computer that are officially ready for editing and I’m quite excited about it! When I finally finished, I felt like I’d just said goodbye to a bunch of good friends and I spent the rest of the day wondering what to do with myself. It needs to sit, though. I can’t just rush into editing. I’m going to start up again in June and work on a short story for the rest of this month because being without a project is a strange feeling.

In addition to the poem story and book writing, I’ve also finished A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and Siobhan Dowd. (Since it was inspired by her ideas, I feel it’s only fair to add her name to the mix.)


Once again, I am blown away by Ness’s work. He’s a master writer, storyteller, and purveyor of the written craft. He gets his point across with sparse details and actions that speak, as they say, louder than words. Ness also has a way of writing without making the reader feel like an idiot–even if you’re unsure of what he’s telling you that you understand where he’s going, Ness is aware of your understanding, and instead of making you feel dumb for second guessing yourself, he reassures you that yes, you’re right. You do know what he’s talking about. And you’ve known all along. You just needed proof.

He also likes to play with his readers’ heartstrings through brute honesty and situations that feel so real, they might as well be happening in your living room, as opposed to just the character’s.

A Monster Calls is a powerful book. I absolutely urge you to read it.

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  • YAY a found poem!!! And a great idea, using titles! That had never occured to me before! I’m glad to see someone else’s found poetry though, I love doing it myself and enjoy seeing what other people come up with! 😉 Also, that book looks very interesting, I’ll have to check it out!

    • Thanks! Yes, definitely try that book. I have to warn you, though–it’s a tear-jerker. Ness doesn’t mess around and he’s notorious for hitting home, albeit with fine writing. 😉 Let me know if you read it!

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