Describing Yellow

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All rights reserved.


It is sunlight dappling the floor through the lace curtains on the windows.

It is the shock of bitter lemon flavored by rock sugar and tap water, sold by the side of the road at the hands of a third grader in the middle of summer.

It is the fading color of the house on the corner of the street, the one that belongs to the little old lady with a herd of cats and a platter of fresh-baked cookies.

It is the stomach-curdling stench of vomit heaved into a toilet by a child whose opinion of their body is heart-wrenching.

It is the stain of turmeric on the white china bowls after a dinner of rice and vegetables.

It is the sound of trumpets and voices raised in song as a national holiday is celebrated.

It is the feeling of laughing hard enough to make your belly hurt and tears stream down your cheeks at a joke that only gets funnier as the hour gets later.

It is the desire to never leave the moment you’re in because how can life get much better than it already is?


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    • Hahaha! Thank you. 🙂 I’ve seen so many “themed” posts on sites like and that strikes me as something new and different to try. When I run out of colors, I’ll switch to a new theme because I’m really liking them so far. They also make for great writing prompts!

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