Describing Sarcasm, #ROW80

It’s the biting comment you make after someone in a position of power over you says something mind-bendingly stupid, and yet those in the room fall for it.

When you roll your eyes and plaster a fake smile on your face, just so you can get through the conversation without screaming.

It’s the laugh you emit when people try to convince you they’re interested in what you have to say, even though you’ve been bought this way before, and it didn’t end well for you.

When you play nice and agree to work with something that clearly isn’t right, so you make every act elaborate and unnecessary to make sure everyone knows what position you’ve taken.


Forgot this part until about half an hour ago. 🙁

Handwriting the book 2 prequel short story. It’s either going to be longer than expected, or just the right length, with some changes I had no idea I’d have to make because what plays out in my head is different than how I planned it at the end of 2015. Go figure! Now, to choose which version to go with: the longer, or the more pre-planned…

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6 thoughts on “Describing Sarcasm, #ROW80”

    • Hahahaha! Yes, I agree! While writing this post, I even found myself making the faces I use when I’m making sarcastic comments. 😀

  • I love sarcasm… it feels so nice on the tongue before I spit it out.

    Seriously though, it’s a survival tactic, and one does what one must. In this case… spew before the angst burns you up from inside.

    As for the piece… is length the only criterion? Because if not, go with the one that appeals most to you and your readers.

  • Great descriptions. You are clearly a good writer! I just found this ROW80. Have not yet decided to commit myself to it, but I certainly could use a writer’s group. Hmmm…

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