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Describing Shame, and #ROW80

It’s telling your best friend something private and secret about yourself, and then listening to her reprimand you for even having those thoughts at all. It’s the hot-cold flush you feel afterwards, like the room is too big and too small all at once. It’s […]

Describing Remorseful

When you get angry at someone for disagreeing with you, and you snap at them without thinking, it’s the feeling you’re left with after realizing you were wrong. It’s the feeling you get while you’re pacing the room, running your hands through your hair, and […]

Describing Embarrassed

When you’re making a presentation, it’s forgetting all your lines, and your materials, and becoming hot, and sweaty, and panicked while a group of bored, impatient, sympathetic, and tired faces wait for you to either begin, or walk away. It’s seeing someone wave to you […]

Found Poem, Update, and a Review

So I’m feeling particularly lazy this week and have decided to foray into Found Poetry. (This is a nod to both my writer friend JR Frontera, as well as my high school English teacher.) This was found using the titles of teen books. the fifth […]


“It’s on the table.” Everything in the house had gone quiet, so when Grandma CeeCee’s voice called out to five-year-old Shay from the room at the end of the hall, it sounded as though she was standing right beside the girl. This startled Shay for […]

Short Story: You’d Like to Know

Copyright © 2013 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved. “I feel so dirty.” Clare hid her face in her hands, closing her eyes as another wave of nausea passed through her. A hand rubbed her back and the couch creaked as her friend, Shay, leaned closer. […]