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I’ve been saying

I’ve been saying “I don’t need more friends” for years. Funny how, now that I want them, they all seem to have drifted away. Copyright © 2017 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved.

Describing Shame, and #ROW80

It’s telling your best friend something private and secret about yourself, and then listening to her reprimand you for even having those thoughts at all. It’s the hot-cold flush you feel afterwards, like the room is too big and too small all at once. It’s […]

Describing Openness

It’s wanting to go out, until you actually get asked to do something, and then saying you’ll go anyway because didn’t you just want this? When you’re out, it’s reminding yourself why you’re there, and not at home. It’s reminding yourself that you wanted this, […]

Describing Hesitant

When you enter a dirty bathroom, it’s the reluctance you have to touch the stall doors, or the sink knobs, or even use one of the toilets. It’s the uncertain look you pass to your friends as you try to decide whether or not you […]

We All Want

Copyright © 2013 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved. “My name is Shay and this is the assignment my fifth period psych teacher gave me: write about a desire. We all want Something. Hard and glittering Like a diamond, Something we need to find. But I’m […]

The Birthday Present

Copyright © 2013 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved. Beyond the aperture, Clare could see the line of wooden dolls on her sister’s dresser. “Oh my god,” she whispered, entering the room. A little bit of sunlight had trickled in through the curtains behind them, and […]

The Canoe

Copyright © 2013 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved. “Have you ever been on a boat?” Shay, twelve, asked Clare. She held the canoe still, submerged to the waist in the murky lake water, while the other girls in their Scout troop began jumping off of […]