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The woman you promised

Ghosts. Ghosts everywhere. They hover on the autumn air, surrounding me, phantoms of my own imagination. That’s been happening a lot, actually. You’re not the woman you promised me you’d be. If I’m Autumn, then you are Spring: hope eternal, and allergies. Promises to come, […]

Eating with the Fairies

I’m struggling to understand how to reach you How do I make you care? “You can’t make people love you”— well, I don’t want love. Or maybe I do. Maybe I want more than you’re able to give. Certainly more than you’re giving to her, […]

We All Want

Copyright © 2013 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved. “My name is Shay and this is the assignment my fifth period psych teacher gave me: write about a desire. We all want Something. Hard and glittering Like a diamond, Something we need to find. But I’m […]