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The woman you promised

Ghosts everywhere.
They hover on the autumn air,
surrounding me,
phantoms of my own
That’s been happening a lot,
You’re not the woman you
promised me you’d be.
If I’m Autumn,
then you are Spring:
hope eternal, and allergies.
Promises to come, but nothing
fade into Summer, a land of
broken glass
ground into pearls and beach sand,
and seasonal flings.
Promises for the future, but
nothing you intend to keep.
All fleeting.
Fleeting means nothing to me.
You’re not the woman you promised
to be.

Copyright © 2017 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved.

Eating with the Fairies

I’m struggling to
how to reach you
How do I make you care?
“You can’t make people love you”—
well, I don’t want
Or maybe I do.
Maybe I want
than you’re able to give.
Certainly more than you’re giving to
more than you gave to
more than you give to
who asks for it.
But not the rest.
Not the ones who don’t
you’re after them, for
stories, or
experiences, or
anything you can
take. Bend. Horde away,
strip of all reality in
your mind.
I can’t actually tell you
You don’t actually
It’s all a game of
leaving everyone else forever
and you,
forever running away.
Maybe that’s why I want you.
Maybe that’s why I’m so angry.
It’s not real.
You’re just a fantasy.
And I have to stop eating
with fairies.

Copyright © 2017 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved.

I’ve been saying

I’ve been saying
“I don’t need more friends”
for years.
Funny how,
now that I want them,
they all seem to have
drifted away.

Copyright © 2017 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved.

How much?

How much do you
Enough to
your day job?
Enough to
every time you have a free minute?
What are you willing to
Because you’ll have to say no,
you know, and
just to the things you
like doing.
We all only get
hours in a day. So
what will you spend
day doing?
Are you willing to take a
How about two?
Are you willing to
the hard things
as well as the good? Are you willing to
if you have to? Or maybe even
give up
parts of your dream that
no longer work?
Do you know how to set goals,
for yourself? Are you willing to
save, and
save, and
save, knowing you may
get to leave your day job?
How hard are you willing to
work? How much do you
this thing you’re doing? Do you
it enough that it
doesn’t matter
how long it takes anyone else to appreciate it?
Is it enough that,
for a long time, the
person guaranteed to love it
is you?

Copyright © 2017 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved.

Give it patience

Give it patience
Holy joy
Prepare to be the author of your
A revelation,
An opportunity.
Be held
And encounter love
Weakness to victory,
Testimony to healing.
Walk with me.


Copyright © 2017 C.L. Mannarino
All rights reserved.

Describing Frightened

It’s worrying your fingers while you wait for the dentist to come back and give you Novocaine for a wisdom tooth withdrawal.

It’s being the last group to perform in a series of short plays, and realizing you can’t remember your first line the second you get on stage.

It’s walking down the hall to find your basement door open, and then it hits you: where did you last see the cat? Did it get out?!

It’s the ticking clock in the back of your mind, counting down the days to when you move out for good. It’s wondering if it’ll really be alright, or if you’re just opening the door for something waiting in the wings.


I’m this close to finishing the prequel short story draft for my news friends, which I avoided all weekend because sad things are tough to write, and I wanted to get it right the first time. (I’ll be talking more about this, and some other changes I’m making, in the next news issue.)

Oh, and there’s also been progress with book edits. Somehow, they’re making it through all my efforts at procrastination.

Want more of this? Then come behind the scenes with me and my projects on the first Monday of every month.

Also, from today through the end of the month, my book is only $0.99 on Amazon. <3