SWANS OF ATLANTIS has a cover!

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I’m so glad I can finally show you what I’ve been working on! Here’s a little bit more about the book:

14-year-old Katrina Kamiya’s got some pretty good relationships going in her small, magical hometown of Atlantis, Massachusetts. But when she finds out that her long time friend, Matt Michaels, wants to get married to his controlling girlfriend, Katrina starts noticing something off about them.

Until now, Matt had been keeping his relationship problems a secret, but the closer she looks, the more Katrina believes that his problems, and their heartbreaking consequences, are too important for him to ignore. And now, she’s determined to make him face them. Will he hear what she has to say? Or will her feelings about him only get in her way?

If everything goes my way, it’ll be available in July — which means I have to get back to work!

Cover reveal is coming!

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On Tuesday, June 6, the cover for SWANS OF ATLANTIS will be revealed! If you’d like to see it a whole day before everyone else, AND have exclusive access to a prequel story for the book, you can join my newsletter right now at clmannarino.com/news

See you then!

And the title of my next book is…

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It’s so exciting to finally share that. I still can’t believe this story is actually happening. 🙂


Good news: my next book finally has a title! Stay tuned for the announcement on Tuesday, or join my newsletter to find out what it is tomorrow.

I’ve been saying

I’ve been saying
“I don’t need more friends”
for years.
Funny how,
now that I want them,
they all seem to have
drifted away.

Copyright © 2017 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved.

How much?

How much do you
Enough to
your day job?
Enough to
every time you have a free minute?
What are you willing to
Because you’ll have to say no,
you know, and
just to the things you
like doing.
We all only get
hours in a day. So
what will you spend
day doing?
Are you willing to take a
How about two?
Are you willing to
the hard things
as well as the good? Are you willing to
if you have to? Or maybe even
give up
parts of your dream that
no longer work?
Do you know how to set goals,
for yourself? Are you willing to
save, and
save, and
save, knowing you may
get to leave your day job?
How hard are you willing to
work? How much do you
this thing you’re doing? Do you
it enough that it
doesn’t matter
how long it takes anyone else to appreciate it?
Is it enough that,
for a long time, the
person guaranteed to love it
is you?

Copyright © 2017 C.L. Mannarino All rights reserved.

Give it patience

Give it patience
Holy joy
Prepare to be the author of your
A revelation,
An opportunity.
Be held
And encounter love
Weakness to victory,
Testimony to healing.
Walk with me.


Copyright © 2017 C.L. Mannarino
All rights reserved.

Describing Frightened

It’s worrying your fingers while you wait for the dentist to come back and give you Novocaine for a wisdom tooth withdrawal.

It’s being the last group to perform in a series of short plays, and realizing you can’t remember your first line the second you get on stage.

It’s walking down the hall to find your basement door open, and then it hits you: where did you last see the cat? Did it get out?!

It’s the ticking clock in the back of your mind, counting down the days to when you move out for good. It’s wondering if it’ll really be alright, or if you’re just opening the door for something waiting in the wings.


I’m this close to finishing the prequel short story draft for my news friends, which I avoided all weekend because sad things are tough to write, and I wanted to get it right the first time. (I’ll be talking more about this, and some other changes I’m making, in the next news issue.)

Oh, and there’s also been progress with book edits. Somehow, they’re making it through all my efforts at procrastination.

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Also, from today through the end of the month, my book is only $0.99 on Amazon. <3

Describing Sarcasm, #ROW80

It’s the biting comment you make after someone in a position of power over you says something mind-bendingly stupid, and yet those in the room fall for it.

When you roll your eyes and plaster a fake smile on your face, just so you can get through the conversation without screaming.

It’s the laugh you emit when people try to convince you they’re interested in what you have to say, even though you’ve been bought this way before, and it didn’t end well for you.

When you play nice and agree to work with something that clearly isn’t right, so you make every act elaborate and unnecessary to make sure everyone knows what position you’ve taken.


Forgot this part until about half an hour ago. 🙁

Handwriting the book 2 prequel short story. It’s either going to be longer than expected, or just the right length, with some changes I had no idea I’d have to make because what plays out in my head is different than how I planned it at the end of 2015. Go figure! Now, to choose which version to go with: the longer, or the more pre-planned…

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Describing Judgment, and #ROW80 Progress

It’s making fun of my mom and Sister 2 for watching the Bachelor a couple years ago, and then stopping every so often, mesmerized and yet self-loathing for allowing myself to become so captivated.

It’s falling in line with the two of them, but in the “okay” sort of fashion: the one where you sit with popcorn in your lap, sneering at the lines of women who sign up for this show. But not just the fact that they signed up: the fact that they’re dressed in gaudy clothes, and three layers of makeup. The fact that they all look the same, sound the same, act the same, treat each other the same, but in different shades of cruelty.

It’s asking each other “but why would any self-respecting woman even begin to think she can actually find love on a TV show?

It’s feeling like a bigger, better, smarter person for not falling for it, not signing up, not being one of those clone girls who says the same thing every other clone girl does when she gets interviewed in their one-on-one back rooms: I’m just so in love. I think I’m falling for him. He’s so hot. This is the most incredible experience.

It’s watching them get googly-eyed over a guy they’ve never met, and know nothing about, and rolling my own eyes. It’s listening to them get jealous and petty when other girls express the same interest, and scoffing at them for not remembering that all the girls who are on the show are on it for the same reason. It’s watching them cry and sob when they start interpreting the guy’s actions, or get booted off the show, and laughing to myself because “you didn’t really know him” and “you went on one date, how can you say you’re in love?”

It’s yelling, “This is what you signed up for!” at the screen when they all, inevitably, tear up about how they didn’t expect it to be like this, they didn’t expect it to be this hard, they didn’t expect to have to fight for someone’s attention.

It’s listening to them talk about all the reasons why they’re doing this as a “last resort,” and hearing the same fears I had about being lovable and finding someone, and realizing they’re just like me, at the core.

What right do I have to judge? Hell, I thought of online dating as a last resort to finding anyone. Sure, the show is designed to be fake, with set-up drama, but the people involved, and their emotions, are very, very real.


I’m making progress! I think I’m almost at 30,000 typed words, but there’s a notebook on my desk with at least 5,000 in it. The notebook is probably the least rambling part of the whole story. On the computer, Swans 2 reads like my college diary: lots of speculative thoughts from a young woman who believes she’s in the throes of a real relationship, but has plenty of doubts and is still, at the core, dramatic.

Which is unlike the shero of Swans 2, who is still a teen, and is actually in a real relationship. Otherwise, the story and my diary are similar. I have a ton of revision to do, and a two tons of pacing to increase to actually, you know, get to the end by the end of this ROW80 session. We’ll see. The side plots are definitely pushed to the side in favor of the romance between the hero and shero, and I keep thinking “if you bring in those plots, you can both weave them into the story, and you can have them written up, all before you revise, so that you don’t have to go back and actually write the parts you’re avoiding.”

Except my brain is having too much fun throwing things at me when I’m not looking. It’s making this particular car very hard to steer in the direction I was aiming for. But all writing is rewriting, and just because this draft isn’t doing what I like, doesn’t mean I can’t rearrange it later.

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